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Moose Mountain plays host to the fat tires and ear-to-ear grins of riders from and surrounding Calgary Alberta and includes a good mix of XC and DH, on an extensive trail network of over 40km of single track.

The Moose Mountain access road is open from May 15th to December 1st each season. Please treat the road and its users with respect and drive with caution. Please respect trail closure due to inclement weather it is for the benefit and longevity of the trails we have. Please respect the signage, stay on the trails and respect plant and wildlife. “If you pack it in, pack it out.”

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Family Guy


Hot Laps



Race of Spades

Special K



Billy Dog


Jean Guy on the Rocks


Ever wonder how a trail got it’s name?

Jean-Guy on the Rocks trail started in the fall of 1999 as the original trail  named Jean-Guy in honour of 2 friends, one whose riding style was beyond anyone I’ve ever met in terms of style, going big and making it look easy. The other one helped  build the original line and is a good friend. Jean-Guy on the rocks was created to avoid the open meadows at the top and keep the trail open. Because the new line used part of the old trail and started on the rocks, it became the new name.

Pneuma – the new uphill singletrack that gives our riders an epic alternate to climbing the road and aptly is named  after the ancient Greek word for “breath”.

T-dub: it was originaly named That Whore by the original builders who went into the woods to create a new line one evening and got out at about midnight after 6 hours of bushwacking, completely exhausted and as they were sitting at the bar after drinking beer and eating nachos, one of them asked “so what are going to name that whore?” and the name stuck. Once the trail got a bit more popular and we wanted to get recognition back in 2003 , it was felt the the word whore would offend certain people and that’s how it got changed to T-dub.

Special K was not named by the original builder who is not around  the area anymore but by someone who came to help him one night and thought that since the trail was located in K-country, special K would be a good name. The original builder wasn’t too sure about it but again the name stuck.

SLF was built and named by the Pinkbike B-team crew.  It stands for Satans Little Fluffers.   If you don’t know what  or who a fluffer is you will not be getting a description here.   You can research that one on your own time.

Billy Dog is the original name of the trail formerly called Rubarb, and in respect of the original builder, MMBTS has decided to bring it’s original name back to life.   The builder’s dog’s name was Billy and obviously a fine companion if he was naming the trail after him.  The confusion with Rubarb is also wrapped up in Billy the dog.  Apparantly, Billy liked to eat rubarb.   Now we chow down on it’s fine flow.

It only takes one rip down Toothless for one to give an educated guess on the origin of it’s name.   If one were to have an unplanned interaction with it’s steep, rocky, tecky goodness the trail name may be your end result.   Best have some skills and a dental plan to sample these goods.  Look for some alternate lines for 2009 to tame this line down a bit.

Hot Laps – is one of the shortest trails, is fully sustained to the Moose mountain road and is a quick shuttle.  Thus Hot laps.

ROS – Stands for Race of Spades.  It has a connection to both the Motorhead song “Ace of Spades” and the amount of diggin it’s dedicated builders had to do to get’r done.

SHAFT – stands for Super Awesome Happy Fun Trail, named by the building crew who felt the trail deserved the name. Shred down this trail and I think you’ll agree.

7-27 is pronounced “7 of 27 Descent” and is inspired by the unique well identifier for the Shell 7 of 27 well site where the trail starts. The name might also make one think of the popular 3 engine Boeing 727 aircraft of the 1960’s and 1970’s.