On January 20, 2009 a meeting was called by the builders  and riders of Moose Mountain to discuss and form a “plan of action” towards the progress of our trail network and community.  In one meeting it was evident that  we needed a body that can be a voice for the community, one who can fight the good fight.  We all left that meeting on a mission for progression.  On April 3, 2009 we received our official Not for Profit papers and we are The Moose Mountain Bike Trail Society (MMBTS)!  MMBTS is a not-for-profit society comprised of mountain bikers, dedicated to the accessibility of trails and support of mountain biking in the Moose Mountain and surrounding area.

Our Mission

To advocate, develop, and maintain mountain bike trails and to promote active, fun, environmentally responsible community involvement. (Translation: To build, shred, and high-five)

2017 Board of Directors

President: Kevin Gerrits
Vice President: Joey Reinhart
Treasurer: Chris Carrier
Secretary: Monica Sparling
Director of Trails: James Young

MMBTS Bylaws