Rider Code Of Conduct

Our success depends on riders following some basic rules to maximize enjoyment, minimize risk, and prevent damage to the local environment.
Rider’s Code of Conduct:
1. Don’t litter.
Always leave the trails carrying at least as much as you arrived with.
2. Don’t block the trail.
If you need to stop on the circuit, make sure that you and your bike are clear of the trail and visible to oncoming riders.
3. Ride with consideration for others.
The circuits are designed to allow riders of varying abilities to develop their skills or just enjoy the trails. Fast moving riders should wait until it is safe to overtake and let slower riders know which side they’re passing on. Slower riders should signal their intentions to move over and allow passing where safe. If in doubt, always brake and give way to slower riders. This mantra would also hold true while shuttling. Please be courteous of other road users and watch your speed.
4. Stay in control.
Off-road surfaces and gradients can vary quickly, and losing concentration for even a second can cause problems. Do not attempt to ride terrain beyond the capabilities of you or your bike. If in doubt, dismount and walk or use an easier part of the circuit to continue to build your skills safely.
5. Ride light.
Aim to ride with as little impact on the trail as possible. Stick to existing trails and don’t cut corners or ride around boggy areas. Avoid riding trails during or immediately after rain events that may degrade the quality of the trails.
6. Think ahead.
Bring what you need to enjoy your riding. Carry a drink, snacks, tools and spares for the time you’ll be out, and for your trip home. Bring spare clothes to protect against feeling cold after your ride.
7. Wear a helmet.
When mountain biking always wear a helmet and consider other protective equipment. Proper cycle clothing will make your riding safer and more comfortable. Do not wear clothing that can catch in your bike and always wear shoes that will grip your pedals.
8. Maintain your bike
Only ride on the circuit if your bike is well maintained and of a suitable type.
Poor quality or un-serviced bikes can break easily and be difficult to control.
If in doubt, contact your local cycle shop for advice. A well maintained bike is much more fun to ride and is less likely to need parts replaced.
9. Look after the environment.
By keeping the circuit and woodland around it in good condition we can protect its future and continue to enjoy it. Please use signed entrance and exit points.
10. Give back to the Trails.
Come out and help create and maintain the trails at organized trail days or other times when the dedicated builders are hard at work. There are also many other ways you can volunteer to help out the MMBTS.
11. Have Fun!

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