Husky Notice November 2017

Hello Moose Mountain & Area Riders,


An Unauthorized Use of Public Lands notice was put up October 11th, 2017 calling for all illegal trail work to cease in the area the riding community has come to know as the Husky Trails.  Immediately following the notice MMBTSstarted the conversation with the area land manager given MMBTS’ mandate to advocate for riding in the Moose Mountain area.  Following these talks your MMBTS Executive, key volunteers, and local area trail builders met and unanimously voted in favour of starting the application process to have the Husky Trails included as part of MMBTS’ trail network.


Reg Mullett, MMBTS founder and Past President, is leading this project and will be asking for help from the community to ensure MMBTS’ proposal to Government is solid and gives us the best chance of maintaining the Husky Trails for future use.  For now, MMBTS is asking the riding community to do a few key things in support of this process:


  1. Observe public notices and limit trail construction and maintenance to approved trails.

  2. Observe all parking and road signage. Specifically, please do not park at the base of or  shuttle the Husky road.  We also ask everyone to avoid parking on the side of Highway 66.

  3. Always ride to your ability and respect changing trail conditions


The process for including the Husky Trails is not short and it will take time.  MMBTS will update the community as progress develops and if you have any questions or desire to get involved in this process please email us at or connect with us on Social Media <Facebook link> <Instagram link>




Kevin Gerrits

President, MMBTS